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Youth Centre
Tåsinde Plads, Copenhagen, 2013

Tåsinde Plads is a small triangular lot in Østerbro. The 1600m2 site is surrounded by vernacular 4-5 stories courtyard residential buildings. The intent of this project was to create a social place for young people in Østerbro and in Copenhagen.

The Østerbro Youth Centre is a place where young people can do their homework, where they can use the library and where they can keep up physically by dancing or playing team sports. There is also a media department which offers a small cinema and two music studios with recording equipment and instruments. With this broad spectrum of activities the Youth Centre wishes to be a meeting point for a huge part of Østerbro’s young people. A Café with an outdoor terrace is located at the second floor.
The activities are located along the infrastructure of the building so that people pass through the different activities while going through the building. This creates a flow and smooth transitions between activities.

The building is very sharp and edgy in its design as it extrudes from on the triangular lot. In contrast to this, the interior is smooth with rounded corners on interior design and infrastructure. The building has large widows unlike adjacent buildings wich project the different activities taking place in the Centre to the outside.

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