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Table - KR10

Table KR10 is a solid table for your dining room, studio or meeting room. A robust table that friends, family and colleagues will gather around, where dinners, conversations and memories will be created and stored in the massive board.
KR10 is a table inspired by modern Nordic design and ancient craftmanship. The combination of old and new creates a timeless expression. The old technology of joints without nails, screws or other fittings can live on in a modern reinterpretation. The table consists of seven unique components that are made with CNC technology. The high precision of the joints makes the table very robust and stable, despite its sleek design and despite the fact that the table only consists of solid wood.
The table is designed and dimensioned for a long service life. Since wood stores approximately 0.9 tonnes of atmospheric carbon dioxide per cubic meter, it is beneficial to use wood in long-lasting products.

The table is drawn in two different sizes, the large model (240cm)for eight people and the smaller one (180cm) for six people.

Table KR10 is a functional and useful table. The placement of the legs and a table top without a rim allow plenty of space for many even on the short sides of the table.

By sliding the table tops apart, conference facilities, electrical outlets or other installations are pulled through the gap.

Material: Oak / Ash / Walnut
Surface treatment: Hard wax oiled / Soaped / Oiled
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